Connecting brands and users does not just end with great creatives or media. It extends to wherever a user may be. Digital advertising is more important then ever and being able to reach your audience through the right mix of advertisers, users and data has never been more of a priority for publishers and advertisers alike.


We help publishers maximize yield through programmatic selling while providing the highest quality inventory for buyers.


We provide premium publishers and buyers, automated and direct buying and selling, placement and optimization of digital advertising. Using the latest technology, creatives, data and brand protection solutions, we drive the highest yields for publisher’s inventory through one of the largest platforms of global buyers, while providing the highest level of brand safe inventory for advertisers.

The digital ad landscape can be complicated at best, we focus on a publisher maximizing the value of their digital assets and providing brands superior inventory for their advertising budgets. Our platform empowers just that, with guaranteed and non-guaranteed inventory, monetizing across desktop, mobile, and video.

We process billions of bids a day on a global landscape connecting top publishers to hundreds of premium global media buyers, demand side platforms, ad exchanges, agencies, agency trading desks and thousands of advertisers, all supported by the latest technology.

Our display, mobile, and video advertising platform lets you reach digital audiences across the Internet and connect with audience segments natively, directly where they are spending most of their time consuming media.

We empower you to sell your digital inventory and attain maximum value of your digital assets across all platforms, formats and device types. Sellers have the ability to manage their direct and programatic advertising business using a combination of Real-Time Bidding (RTB), Private Market Places (PMP), Guaranteed, Direct and Indirect campaigns, Header bidding, Server to Server, superior technology and ad-tech solutions. Publishers can manage their inventory in one robust platform with a sophisticated combination of automated and real time bidding (RTB) technologies. Buyers and Sellers can evaluate each impression and monetize their audiences and budgets for greater yield on impressions.


What we enable publishers and buyers to do with automation:

As automation creates workflow efficiencies in digital media transactions, buyers and sellers are able to increase revenue to sell against inventory forecasts. Sellers can leverage the scale of the open market and buyers are able to maximize their campaign budgets by leveraging a combination of things including audience and data targeting. We enable publishers and buyers to transact across all inventory in the specific sales channels that are best suited to accomplish their goals.

In addition to RTB in the open marketplace, programmatic direct transactions have grown in importance as both buyers and sellers seek out partners that can assure one of the biggest challenges to digital advertising, the quality of both inventory and advertising.

The end result:

By streamlining the traditional RFP process, working with hundreds of buyers and thousand of advertisers, and automating the negotiation of custom media deals with digital media buyers, our Publishers see significantly higher eCPM or pricing than from traditional demand platforms and digital agencies and our ad buyers reach their target audiences and maximize a campaign’s performance across all platforms, whether it’s Display, Video, or Mobile.

Buying is obviously about demand and we have a lot of it. In addition to a high degree of rule sets and pricing optimization control, publishers have access to hundreds of Global Media Buyers, trading desk and thousands of advertisers, including the largest global brands.

Why do you have access to these brands and advertisers?

Because, these buyers all buy and seek inventory on our platform. Your inventory is exposed to one of the largest groups of global buying budgets. We support the auction process with sophisticated optimization algorithms, data and audience targeting.


  • Thousands of buyer connections
  • Hundred of thousands of advertisers
  • Programatic Guaranteed-from DSP’s and Agencies
  • Static Bidding-Upfront pricing from Networks
  • Open Auctions-Selling to the highest bidder
  • Direct Order-From Existing Agencies and Advertisers

Keeping publishers inventory exposed to the top global buyers while at the same time working with the buy side to ensure their campaign budgets are properly deployed is easier said then done. It requires a delicate balance and human support to augment technology but the end result achieve top result for publishers and advertisers a like as their budgets are deployed across our publishers audience segments in the most efficient manner possible We do this around this clock as well as optimize publisher’s floor rates throughout day to yield superior eCPM’s for their inventory.

Once, just available to the largest publishers with their own internal development teams, header bidding has vaulted to the head of the pack as an industry standard. Our bidder is an industry leading and top yielding header bidding solution. We are connected to one largest groups of global advertisers in the world that yields top performance and advertiser participation. A strong platform with strong competition between the largest, premium advertisers and demand partners ensures that publishers get access to the best demand for their inventory. Publishers immediately experience increased competition from premium brands for their impressions. The results are dynamic bids and smarter decisioning that help publishers and app developers optimize the value of every impression while allowing buyers to compete on the same level as the largest buy side players.

Just a few of the key differentiators include:

Increased Competition and Participation

Access to the Top 100 advertisers and thousands of buyers ensures strong competition to secure, premium demand partners.

Dynamic Bids

Our technology ensures full optimization of the value of every impression prior to ad server decisioning.

Superior Technology

Eliminate passbacks that create discrepancies and drive down revenue.

Programmatic Direct Opportunities

Our technology allows publishers to combine the premium value of Private Marketplaces and Real-Time Guaranteed with the technology of header bidding for optimal deal performance.

Video has quickly become many publishers top priority and main avenue of revenue. Brainjuice offers not only the premium high-quality video demand from top advertisers, agencies, DSPs but also brand safe inventory from top global publishers.

Premium Supply
Transparent access to supply, including exclusive access to premium deals.

Highest Quality Advertisers and Demand
Our platform has over 1100 buyer connections and is growing of the top global advertisers bidding on our publisher’s video inventory.

Dedicated to Quality
Our cyclical approach to inventory quality keeps your ad buys safe while reaching real people

Multi-format Across Devices
Billions of video impressions available across desktop and mobile devices

The BrainJuice Cloud Services API, and its associated command-line tools, allows publishers to automate common tasks associated with ad serving in your environment with us. Our API’s enable your developers to program direct access to the environment to load up and manage your own campaigns, reporting, invoicing, and many other services.

We have designed our API with the following goals in mind:

  • To give clients direct, instant, and automated control over their advertising, campaigns and reporting
  • To be simple, straightforward, and easy-to-use.
  • To be flexible. You can integrate the API into other processes and applications you already have running.

We offer publisher’s API access for the following use cases:

  • Reporting Access
  • Server Side Header Bidding
  • Server to Server and openRTB integration

Click here to access our API documentation.

The Internet caters to many different audiences and types of content, but not every web site should be delivering your message. It’s critical that advertising appear next to content that is brand safe and in alignment with your message and goals.

Our technology dynamically scores individual pages so you know exactly what type of content will appear with your advertising. Whether it’s adult content, alcohol, gambling, hate speech, illegal downloads, illegal drugs, offensive language, or violence, we will ensure that brand safety thresholds are set for each campaign, and save you from wasted impressions and money.

Our technology have been accredited by the Media Rating Council. Based on your risk thresholds, your ads won’t serve on pages that we’ve identified as unsafe.

We look at risk at the page level based on variables including text, inbound and outbound links, and the URL. We categorize that risk into eight categories with additional specifications are available for geo-compliance, keywords, and custom site lists across 40 languages. If the page and content doesn’t meet your specifications, your ad won’t serve.

For programmatic inventory, we’ve developed predictive targeting segments accessible in all major demand-side platforms.

  • Carefully vetted premium inventory and advertisers.
  • Display, Mobile, Video and Native
  • Full managed and self service
  • Unique optimization, yield process and dynamic floor pricing
  • Intuitive UI and API reporting access.
  • Industry leading Header Bidder solution.
  • Pre-bid, Post-Bid and Server to Server capability
  • Hundreds of buyers and thousands of advertisers.
  • Yield teams work daily with and advertisers driving industry high yield
  • Continuously updating to the latest brand protection solutions
  • Creative review
  • Access to multiple data platforms
  • Highest quality brand safe inventory

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